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3 Reasons why Overthinking is Good


No, overthinking everything does not make you as smart as Einstein. When have you ever thought about something that was worth overthinking anyway? Overthinking is a serious mental habit that makes us sadder in most cases, or otherwise delusional.

Yet, there are certain advantages to your lifestyle that might make you think you're better off being an overthinker.

You can always see red flags

Since you always think too much about every little weird/adverse/seemingly disrespectful action or word said to you by every person, and especially more so by people close to you, you have a huge advantage over people who are toxic, or are vulnerable to end up with toxic people. Not just qualities like toxicity, but even people who might seemingly end up backstabbing you, cheating on you or just put you down.
Haven't you heard people say, "I don't know why I trusted him/her. The red flags were always there."
It might not be THAT easy to fool you or run you over because you're somebody who looks around on all sides of the road every 5 steps you take.

You analyze relationships, see the changes and can choose to take action

Waking up till 3 am and thinking about how you and your partner or best friend have started drifting apart might not be a reflection of absolute silliness. Sure, sometimes, you might be over-overthinking it. But this frequent analysis of relationships with people closer to you is something that can help a person maintain meaningful relationships. 
And when you do start to see the changes, you can choose to either save the relation, or let it go (if you found red flags).
In fact, one of the major reasons a person overthinks is because they are control freaks. That's why, they think and try to predict.

You can always improve yourself

It's not just about the people and relationships around you. Sometimes, it is about you. If you truly are an overthinker, you will never always blame it on others or even always think about others. Overthinking involves constantly doubting yourself, which upto a certain point, is good. 
It's only when we question our most fundamental values and principles that we truly get the most righteous and correct answers. 
You have explored perspectives, thinking about what a certain person must have thought about you, then questioned if you should be even thinking what others think about you in the first place, and the list goes on. But these series of questions, although mind-tiring, make us realize eventually what we should truly focus on.

You see, we have sessions (not strictly time-based) of overthinking daily where everyday, we think a zillion different thoughts and never ever have we been able to reach a final conclusion, because the thoughts never end. But they do make us realize a lot such as these things above.

So don't be sad or frustrated because you think too much. It's not all bad. 
Limit if it gets to the point where you're interacting less and thinking more. Go out, keep working and on the way home, "overthink".

How do you stop yourself from thinking too much though?

Get it in your head that nobody is more important to you than you. So if anybody is not a part of your life, it won't destroy your's or their life. 
Anything else you say to yourself like 'It's complicated', is just... bleh. I know it probably doesn't make a lot of sense if you have kids, but I'm a 21 year old guy who seems to be really enjoying life following this principle. Once we accept this, we can move on to objectivly see if a person who's being a jerk does deserve to be in our life or not.

So long, fellow Overthinkers!


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