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Are you an Emotional Wreck or an Emotionless Fool?

The time it takes for people to learn about your bad qualities, is the extent to which you've isolated yourself from the world. And trust me, that's not good

We see all these movies and shows, with their amazing cunning characters, and their unpredictable moves, and that's what blows us off! What amazes us, inspires us. And we get inspired to reserve ourselves from the world, get inspired to tread softly, as if one little wrong word from our speech will bring down our entire world. We start putting on this robe of silence, and inside the mental mirror of ours, we see ourselves as the shrewd cunning mind that we covet. Without perceiving that how something so trivial managed to get into our hearts, and made us do something that we never wanted to.

In all honesty, I've been a quiet man for a lot of years, with many questioning me about my silence. There is a time you feel proud of this habit, thinking that it's part of you now; and maybe it is, but I really hope it's not. Ask yourself, what's the point of this wall between you and the world? So the world is unable to understand you? You might be able to, no doubt. But in keeping away from people about your future actions, you keep away your emotions, your heart and your affection towards them. One might ask, what's the point of being vulnerable at all? At least by isolation, no one harms you from the inside. And that is great, to be honest. You save yourself a lot of pain in life. But just by saving this 'pain' in life, you're losing the very element of it. That's the beauty of being vulnerable - pain.

When you open yourself up to people, some judge you, some love you, and some befriend you. Eventually, many of them hurt you too, but that's what I call life. Osho used to say, "Life is like a rollercoaster ride. The UP periods should be the dancing periods, the DOWN periods should be working periods. There is no right or wrong in whatever you're doing - it's just life!" Little did he know that people would start getting detached from life itself! Trust me, if your life is emotionless, and it's not a rollercoaster ride, you're practically dead.

Would you rather see this?
Or this:

Just heartbeats, eh? Could be real illustrations of your life too.

So watch out, live out, laugh loud and open yourself up to the world, because the world is no war where people are all out to hurt you, no. It's a place which houses duality. And just because the storm can harm your boat is no reason for you to not set sail into the amazing ocean seeking treasures of emotions and beautiful moments.


  1. Nice piece of work. 👌
    Would like to read more stuff like this.

    1. Thank you! Will surely try posting blogs on such topics.


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